There is a little-known charity in the civil parish of Blacktoft. The charity was set up many years ago with the sole intention to help the poor of the Parish in their time of need. It is acknowledged that the definition of ‘poor’ has changed over the years. The charity owns two fields within Faxfleet.   The funds for the charity are raised from the rent received from two fields.

The Trustees of the charity would like to know of any concerns within the parish which could be helped, or alleviated by the charity. For example:

  • Do you have a financial need?   
  • Do you have a social/economical need?    
  • Are you housebound?
  • Would a mobility scooter help improve your daily life? 
  •  Are you a carer?   
  •  Is hospital treatment proving to be difficult either financially or transportation?

The meetings are held quarterly in The Hope & Anchor Public House, Main Street, Blacktoft and commence at 7.30pm.

The following documents are available to view and download.